OSIOT hosts several open source software IoT hackathon projects. Here you will find a list of each hosted project with links to the project’s webforms, email lists, wikis and code repositories.

  • Semantics Gateway as Service

This project proposes a gateway and Semantic Web enabled IoT architecture to provide interoperability between systems using established communication and data standards. The Semantic Gateway as Service (SGS) allows translation between messaging protocols such as XMPP, CoAP and MQTT via a multi-protocol proxy architecture. Utilization of broadly accepted specifications such as W3C’s Semantic Sensor Network (SSN) ontology for semantic annotations of sensor data provide semantic interoperability between messages and support semantic reasoning to obtain higher-level actionable knowledge from low-level sensor data.

  • Semantic Repository of Things

The things repository is a graph database of sensor descriptions. New sensor types can easily be added and tagged with RDF metadata from the Semantic Sensor Net (SSN) ontology. Thereafter, any included sensor type can be looked up using it’s unique identifier or by discovering graph relationships.

  • Laundromat

Sensors are deployed in a community laundromat to indicate conditions of machine use, machine condition, and facility occupancy. A software application builds a real time representation of the facility for planning and scheduling use.