OSIOT is a Silicon Valley based organization with the single focus to develop and promote royalty-free, open source standards for the emerging Internet of Things. By bringing together industry, the public sector, academics and members of the open source software development community, OSIOT is ensuring that its output serves the needs of many.

Our goal is to to create the means for fluid interoperability across disparate environments, each having their own unique variety of needs, services and scenarios. We are building the Rosetta Stone for the Internet of Things.

Our main effort is in the creation of an interoperability layer that we call the Open Horizontal Platform. The Open Horizontal Platform, a set of tools that enable vertical IoT platforms that can be combined together with a powerful new class of horizontally integrated applications and solutions. Consisting of a set of common abstractions, connectivity features, and new software components, the Open Horizontal Platform gives hardware manufactures and software developers the tools they need to create vertically integrated services that natively support broad horizontal interoperability across the Internet of Things ecosystem. The Open Horizontal Platform is a critical piece of infrastructure needed to turn the Internet of Things from a promise to reality.

Contact us: admin@osiot.org